Warming blanket / infant ASTOPAD® Stihler Electronic

Warming blanket / infant ASTOPAD® Stihler Electronic

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The ASTOPAD Baby Warmer cares for all premature and newborn babies with comfortable and protective warmth. It can be used in any bed, without affecting the closecontact between mother and child. The mother can look after and comfort her child without being hindered. Premature and newborn babies, who do not require further intensive care in an incubator, are safely warmed by the ASTOPAD Baby Warmer. This is an easy and economical way of provi-ding all babies with a comfortable heated bed in which they will sleep well and can fully develop. The heated blanket can be used as an underblanket to warm the surface the baby is lying on and/or as a top blanket. When using the heating blankets as underblankets? one control unit can be used to control two baby beds independently of each other. This enables a highly economical use of the system. The ASTOPAD Baby Warmer can be used in a multitude ? In the nursery for providing long-term warmth to one or two babies. ? In the delivery room when the first warmth is applied to the surface the baby will lie on. ? To warm up the surface of a resuscitation unit where the baby will lie. In the operating theatre to avoid perioperative hypothermia. of applications.
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