Walking sling / for patient lifts FreeStep SAS BIODEX

Walking sling / for patient lifts FreeStep SAS BIODEX
FreeStep SAS

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I need a method to support weak or balance deficient patients without using additional floor space or requiring additional staff. Suitable for any facility working with weakened or balance deficient patients Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Stroke Rehabilitation, Parkinson's patients Head Injury, TBI and SCI patients, Amputee rehabilitation Orthopedic patients, especially total hip/knee, where a fall could be a major setback Create a safe, supported ambulation environment without using additional floor space or staff The need is clear. Biodex FreeStep SAS is an overhead track and harness system that provides a safe ambulation environment for both therapist and patient. Without the fear of falling, patients can focus more fully on their tasks of gait and balance. Likewise, therapists can focus on assisting, rather than supporting. According to an article in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 2009 May-Jun;63(3):351-62, a startling 62% of PTs and 56% of PTAs reported injury to the low back while assisting patients. And for stroke patients alone, as many as 39% were reported to have fallen during inpatient rehabilitation. Stroke, 1995;26:838-842
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