Semi-recumbent cross trainer BioStep® 2 BIODEX

Semi-recumbent cross trainer BioStep® 2 BIODEX
BioStep® 2

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Naturally Smooth... Positively Effective The elliptical motion of the BioStep 2 is naturally smooth and continuous; very different from the stuttering stop-start motion associated with other recumbent steppers. The step-through frame, simple easy-to-see and use display and comfortable, robust design make the BioStep 2 the obvious choice for cross training. The Biodex BioStep 2 Helps Patients and Their Therapists Achieve Multiple Rehabilitation Objectives If there is one piece of equipment for all your patients... this is it. The BioStep 2s fluid, elliptical motion is forgiving on the knees, ankles, hips and lower back a natural closed-chain low-impact functional exercise. The BioStep 2 reduces joint impact because the user is not required to lift and strike their feet on the walking surface. By combining lower extremity motion with upper body, the BioStep 2 provides a total body workout in both forward and reverse directions, thereby involving different muscle groups. Ideal for Older Adults Low impact total body exercise is ideal for senior fitness. The low-impact elliptical motion of the BioStep 2 reduces the jarring impact often associated with the stop-start motion so common with other recumbent steppers. The BioStep 2s motion also helps strengthen the muscles important to maintaining function; those muscles specifically associated with mobility, walking and balance.
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