Volumetric infusion pump / 1 channel AcTIVA PRO ADOX S.A.

Volumetric infusion pump / 1 channel AcTIVA PRO ADOX S.A.

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Peristaltic Infusion System This system ensures a precise volume to be infused. Design Friendly and ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use. Brand name independent Allows to use any IV set in the market (with micro or macro drip-counter) while guarantee the accuracy of the delivered volume. With or without limiting the infusion delivered Automatic calculation of the flow rate and delivered volume limit. Display with the name of the drug. Enables showing selection of the drug and visualization of the product in the display during infusion, thus avoiding mistakes upon infusing more than one drug. Fully programmable. Enables programming of all pump infusion parameters through an interactive keypad. KVO system (Keep vein open). Avoids patient line occlusion, thus preventing IV access clothing. Audible and visual alarms. Display messages and play sounds when: end of infusion is reached, low battery, no drops, excessive drops per minute, IV with bubbles, lack of mains power, drip-counter disconnection, occlusion alarm Internal high-performance backup battery. Battery is charged automatically during normal pump operation. Guarantees operation upon AC power disconnection. Duration depends of the rate already set. Automatic charge while plugged into the mains and normal operation. Multifunction LCD Display. Easy showing of all the set parameters and alarm status. LCD 3.7 "320 x 240 pixels. Easy to update Allows to add new and future functions.
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