Vital sign telemonitoring software HELMiS Microsensor

Vital sign telemonitoring software HELMiS Microsensor

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HELMiS™ (Healthcare Monitoring System) is a highly scalable system for vital signs monitoring and data analysis ideated and produced by Microsensor. In its basic configuration it consists of a few wireless vital signs meters. These devices can monitor and record the evolution of health status in patients accepted or treated in various areas of a sanitary structure. The parameters are automatically measured, stored and soon available on any workstation connected in the network, for consultations in real time, with pre-programmable alarms functionality, and subsequent analysis as a tool of help diagnostic. The hardware / software architecture for Helmis has been developed to make it suitable for both the operations of the triage of patients acceptance at the emergency departments and into systems for remote monitoring of patients in post operative hospital stay in the various hospital departments. The system can be easily integrates on existing network infrastructure LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (network global) thus significantly simplifying the installation procedures..
  • Function:vital sign telemonitoring