Viewing software / import / multimedia / medical CD Viewer ETIAM

Viewing software / import / multimedia / medical CD Viewer ETIAM
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he most powerful DICOM viewer and importer ETIAM Viewer ETIAM Viewer redefines the DICOM viewer with powerful import tools and communication capabilities with the PACS or other DICOM peers. Used by healthcare professionals worldwide, ETIAM Viewer is easy to deploy in various types of institutions. ETIAM Viewer is highly customizable to address your own workflow. Import all study CDs A DICOM Viewer for everything. Review not only DICOM CDs but also non-DICOM compliant CDs such as legacy Amicas or iSite. Receive images from any DICOM peers (PACS, imaging modalities). Display studies stored in local or network directories. Display and manipulate images ETIAM Viewer offers in a single application all the tools for reviewing studies, annotating images, viewing reports and Presentation States associated with study images (still and multiframe), performing multiplanar reconstructions (MPR) across the institution. Export patient studies Reconcile patient information (demographics, IDs) with existing data in the institution when integrating patient studies into the PACS. Also save studies in ETIAM Viewer local database for reference, use in teaching material, comparison with priors Print images and create your own CDs with an embedded viewer for use on any PC. Export images as multimedia files (JPEG, AVI, MPEG) for teaching purposes.
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