Data management web application / for communication / medical ETIAM-Connect ETIAM

Data management web application / for communication / medical ETIAM-Connect ETIAM

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The All-In-One Telemedicine Solution Flawless Patient Care. Everywhere. Everytime. One-Click Telemedicine effortlessly delivers the needs of healthcare professionals simply and securely. From the life threatening demands within the EMS to the everyday PCP, the One-Click telemedicine software accommodates both all within a simple to use, military grade robust solution. Ambulatory professionals can quickly and efficiently collaborate with experts at the hospital to administer the proper pretreatment or the PCP that needs to retrieve patients past examinations and studies, the solution strives to make care make more sense. Whether you need a simple solution for sharing your exams via the web or a business solution for second opinions, teleradiology & remote surgery, ETIAM-Connect is the solution. Discover our different solutions and telemedicine applications: teleimaging Teleimaging : Transmit patient images securely. Ability to connect remotely & retrieve patient data from outside the health facility Teleradiology Teleradiology : Send an EHR with patient DICOM images for second opinions and expert analysis on specific studies and teleconsultation Teleconsultation : Give remote consultation & diagnosis by video-conference on a military grade encrypted and HIPAA compliant connection tele-expertise Tele-Expertise : Send and receive exams Medical videoconferencing Collaboration: Interact with your peers in videoconferencing applications for additional advice or expertise on similar cases telestroke Telestroke :Optimal management of stroke with 99.99% up-time, using state of the art tools & for guards neurology and imaging at several sites tele-dermatology
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