Vibration plate BIOPLATE RF MED Bios

Vibration plate BIOPLATE RF MED Bios

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The Bioplate RF MED is a device that unites radio frequency and vibration in the reduction of cellulite and fat deposits. Regular vibration plates found in the market do not usually act directly on these fat deposits nor cellulites. Most of the time, they only perform one action, either toning or strengthening. Radio frequencies, meanwhile, only act on the fat deposits and intracellular fluid but do not necessarily drain them or tone the body. With this device, however, these two technologies are combined to produce maximum and combined effects as well. It does not only reduce fat and cellulite, it also drains excess fluid from your body and tones your muscles in the process. Just after 10 minutes of nice and simple session, great results are already visible, without experiencing any pain nor fatigue.