Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator BIOREVITAL RF Bios

Aesthetic medicine radiofrequency generator BIOREVITAL RF Bios

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The Biorevital RF is a safe radiofrequency that can be used for tightening and lifting the face or for cellulite, fat, draining, and tightening on the body. It is a capacitive, mono polar and bipolar 100W radiofrequency, and it beams at 470kHz, which is the most studied frequency on aesthetic, physiotherapy, and medical-aesthetical fields. It is safe, shock free, and painless. It can eliminate time needed for home recovery. This equipment provides faster and safer RF treatments with its uniformed controlled heating technology that allows the machine to work in automatic mode, while continuously monitoring the tissue temperature and thickness of the fat layer, and adjusting power based on temperature parameters and impedance measured with its sensors from within the electrodes. This is risk free radiofrequency that give phenomenal results against fat, cellulite, wrinkles, drainage stimulation, and tissue tightening.
  • Application:for aesthetic medicine