Vertical electrophoresis chamber Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra Bio-Rad

Vertical electrophoresis chamber Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra Bio-Rad
Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra

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The versatile, easy-to-use Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra cell is ideal for vertical mini gel electrophoresis. This electrophoresis cell accommodates one to four Mini-PROTEAN precast or handcast gels, providing flexibility for your research needs. The Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell eliminates tedious assembly procedures and has a patented sealing mechanism* that prevents assembly errors during handcasting. Features and Benefits Run one to four precast or handcast mini gels in less than an hour Can also be used with the Mini Trans-Blot® electrophoresis cell for western blotting Thermoplastic casting gaskets form a tight seal with the glass plates to ensure leak-free casting Casting frames** with simple cam closure provide precision alignment on any flat surface Side-by-side casting stand** allows access to both gels simultaneously, and a spring-loaded lever creates a tight seal against the thermoplastic rubber gasket Run 2-D gels in less than a day Applications and Uses Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE or SDS-PAGE) 2-D gel electrophoresis Screen new samples Evaluate sample preparation conditions
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