UV-visible absorption spectrometer SmartSpec Plus Bio-Rad

UV-visible absorption spectrometer SmartSpec Plus Bio-Rad
SmartSpec Plus

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The SmartSpec Plus spectrophotometer has a wider range of features and functions than many other benchtop spectrophotometers, offering performance, stability, and functionality at an affordable price. The UV/visible SmartSpec Plus spectrophotomer has a working wavelength range of 200800 nm. It is the perfect tool for routine applications such as: Quantitation of DNA, RNA, and oligonucleotides Quantitation of proteins via the Bradford, Lowry, and BCA assay methods Monitoring bacterial culture growth Simple kinetic assays Wavelength scans with peak detection A simple, menu-driven interface simplifies assays and provides answers to common sample computations at the touch of a button. Conversion factors can be stored and modified. The SmartSpec Plus spectrophotometer is capable of performing calculations and providing results such as: A260/A280 ratio for nucleic acid purity Quantitation that takes dilution factors into account Sample concentration in µg/ml (additionally in pmol/µl for oligonucleotides) Molar extinction coefficient and molecular weight of oligonucleotides
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