Vacuum laboratory drying oven / refrigerated 29 / 49 L | VOcool Memmert

Vacuum laboratory drying oven / refrigerated 29 / 49 L | VOcool Memmert
29 / 49 L | VOcool

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With short warming up times, high-precision temperature control and turbo-drying, the vacuum oven VO shows off all its strength at the same time it can handle heat-sensitive or oxygen-sensitive substances and materials such as cosmetics, food, clocks, books or PCBs and other electronic components with unparalleled gentleness when drying. The direct contact between chamber load and the heatable and removable thermal shelves guarantees in all vacuum oven VO models a quick and even temperature control without loss of heat. Temperature range +5°C to +90°C 2 model sizes (29l and 49l) of vacuum oven VO State-of-the-art control technology based on the P performance class for all models Anti-splinter; VDE-tested door construction for all models The exact fit for your application As much function as necessary, as much individuality as possible! In its basic version, the VO vacuum drying oven contains a thermoshelf, USB interface, Celsius software and MEMoryCARD. Customise your oven precisely for your application and pay only for the options that you really need. Optional switching to inert gas: Programmable and digitally controlled inlet for inert gas with a flow rate reduction Optional pump control: Optimised rinsing procedures for pump membranes as needed, as well as signal output for pumps ON/OFF
  • Thermal control:refrigerated
  • Type:vacuum
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