Humidity chamber laboratory 108 / 153 / 246 L | HCP Memmert

Humidity chamber laboratory 108 / 153 / 246 L | HCP Memmert
108 / 153 / 246 L | HCP

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Does your application temperature lie between 8 °C above room temperature and 90°C, with controllable humidity? Then the Memmert humidity chamber HCP is unbeatable in price, performance and comfort. The almost unlimited programming possibilities of temperature profiles make ideal environmental conditions for the load possible. Temperature range up to +90 °C (without humidity up to +160 °C) 3 model sizes (108l, 153l and 2461) State-of-the-art control technology based on the P performance class for all models An active humidity control system is integrated as standard in all models Double doors standard for all models: Prevention of contamination and drops or rises in temperature, and at the same time an optimal view of the sensitive load through wide-area interior glass doors For all models, the inner chamber, including the ventilation system, the water trays and all sensors, can be sterilised at 160 °C in a 4 hour programme using the standard STERICard
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