UV-visible absorption spectrometer PD-3000UV Apel

UV-visible absorption spectrometer PD-3000UV Apel

FEATURES ? High resolution, sensitivity and reliability The microprocessor-controlled and grating based UV/VIS spectrophotmeter is offering high resolution, sensitivity and reliability for sophisticated spectroscopy. ? Narrow spectral bandwidth The instrument features 5nm spectral bandwidth. ? Easy to read LCD readout 128x64 LCD readout displays absorbance, transmittance, concentration and wavelength and gives easily understood instructions. ? Connectivity with peripherals Possible to connect with a PC and a printer. ? Scanning with PC Scanning can be performed with a PC. ? Versatile analytical instrument PD-3000UV is ideal for many tests performed in environmental protection, water and waste water, biochemistry, clinical, food and beverage and industrial laboratories.
  • Spectrometer type: : UV-visible absorption
Angyouryou Negishi, 951
Kawaguchi, Saitama
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