Colorimeter laboratory AP-1000M Apel

Colorimeter laboratory AP-1000M Apel

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FEATURES ? The APEL AP-1000M photoelectric colorimeter adopts latest advance in microprocessor technology, the instrument provides a large LCD digital display for direct reading,%Transmittance, Absorbance and Concentration, and Auto Aero. ? The test results are displayed by a large digital LCD ?displayer and are displayed digitally from 0 to 100% ?Transmittance, 0 to 1.999 Absorbance, and 0 to 1999 ?Concentration at each wavelength of 5 filters which are ?built in the equipment. ? Sample compartment is for square cuvettes. ? AP-1000M can be used not only with 9V battery but ?with optional 12V car battery adapter or AC adapter. ? AP-1000M is suitable for educational, biochemistry, ?agriculture, water and wastewater fields. ? The AP-1000M photoelectric colorimeter is equally reliable in laboratories, plants, classrooms or fields.
Angyouryou Negishi, 951
Kawaguchi, Saitama
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