USB spirometer / computer-based HDpft 1000 nSpire health

USB spirometer / computer-based HDpft 1000 nSpire health
HDpft 1000

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The HDpft 1000 comprehensive pulmonary spirometer combines high definition accuracy with the latest testing capabilities, resulting in a device that offers higher sampling rates, with greater accuracy and lower variability. Choosing the right protocol for the patient is easy. The dose response software monitors FEV1 changes, and automatically generated dose/response reports are instantly available. The integrated nSight software package has enabled testing processes to be significantly streamlined, resulting in the industry's fastest start-to-finish examination times. Connectivity to remote electronic medical systems is provided by the HDpft 1000 HDnet feature. Data that is consolidated into the nSight SQL database can significantly improve and optimize your workflow. This spirometer's flexible design allows various options such a lung volume and diffusion capacity tests to be added at any time.
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