Pulmonary function testing system HDpft 2000 nSpire health

Pulmonary function testing system HDpft 2000 nSpire health
HDpft 2000

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The HDpft 2000 has all the newest testing capabilities and high definition accuracy. This innovative machine was made to increase productivity and improve the clinical yield of pulmonary function testing. Its MicroGas-HD Analyzer has been clinically proven to have double the industry standard in accuracy and precision without the need for pre-test calibration. The real time display and data analysis cuts down on the need to perform repeat exams. The GemTach-HD Precision Pneumotach with iFlow technology delivers higher sampling rates. The multiflow verification guarantees the lab's compliance with quality control standards. The machine also has an AutoFlow Ultra-low Resistance Breathing Circuit that provides near resistance-free gas delivery, which can increase the patient's comfort level and test compliance. The HDpft 200's nSight Software delivers the industry's quickest start to finish exam times. The HDnet can optimize workflow by delivering networking and connectivity to the hospital's information systems. It holds information in an SQL database.
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