Urinary flow meter EASYFLO™ SRS Medical

Urinary flow meter EASYFLO™ SRS Medical

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EasyFlo™ Stand-Alone Uroflow Economical and Easy to Use Uroflow Quick screening tool for voiding dysfunction One-touch operation Minimal investment, rapid return on investment A uroflow study remains the mainstay in a urologic workup. The EasyFlo was designed to meet physician and patient needs for an accurate, easy-to-use in-office uroflow system. EasyFlo automatically starts the test with the onset of urine flow and automatically ends when a period of 30 seconds elapses with no urine flow. There is no need to have personnel present to switch off the device. Each patient’s result is then placed into the Liverpool nomogram for comparison against the normal population and all results are printed. A Full Range of Clinical Measures Urine flow pattern (graphically) Total voided volume Total void time Urine flow time Average urine flow Maximum (peak) flow Onset-to-peak flow time Liverpool Nomogram (Normative comparisons)
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