Hand-held ultrasound bladder scanner UROSCAN® SRS Medical

Hand-held ultrasound bladder scanner UROSCAN® SRS Medical

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uroScan® Bladder Ultrasound Advanced Ultrasound That's Easy to Use Now you can do high-quality abdominal imaging and non-invasive bladder volume measurements in your office practice. The uroScan B3.5 is the first ultrasound designed for use by non-specialists. Its auto-mode allows you to scan and view immediately and uroScan software guides you through bladder volume measurements. It also saves and stores reports automatically. This ease-of-use does not come at the cost of image quality, however. The uroScan scans in fully digital B mode with 256 shades of grey. The uroScan B3.5 is ergonomic, durable and flexible. Its ultrasound probe and all instrumentation are housed in one compact, hand-held package that is impervious to dust and dirt. It can be used with most modern PCs and requires only one USB cable for both signal and power. High-contrast imaging with 256 shades of grey Automatically calculates bladder volume Ability to store and re-run scans USB device needs only one cable for both signal and power Point-and-click operation
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