Ureteral stent URS Allium Medical Solutions

Ureteral stent URS Allium Medical Solutions

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ALLIUM'S LARGE CALIBER, EASILY REMOVABLE URETERAL STENT Allium's Ureteral Stents are self-expanding large caliber stents, 24Fr - 30Fr (8 to 10mm) in diameter, made of a superelastic alloy covered by a polymeric material for preventing tissue ingrowth. The Allium Ureteral Stents are intended for temporary long or short-term use in malignant or benign chronic ureteral stenoses.Allium Ureteral Stents are mounted on a ready to use 8 or 10Fr delivery system. By using the appropriate delivery system their deployment procedure can be performed either retrogradely or percutaneously. ?Indicated for all chronic ureteral strictures ?Large caliber for intra-lumenal flow ?Long dwelling time ?Antegrade or retrograde insertion ?Easy insertion and stent positioning ?Excellent patient comfort ?No tissue in-growth ?Anti-reflux design ?Easy removal of the device
  • Area of the body:ureteral
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