Biliary stent BIS Allium Medical Solutions

Biliary stent BIS Allium Medical Solutions

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The Allium self-expandable, large caliber, fully covered and easily removable biliary stents were designed to be used in chronic Common Bile Duct (CBD) obstructions for allowing intra-luminal flow during its long indwelling period (up to 12 months). They are made of a super-elastic alloy (nitinol) fully covered by a novel polymeric material for preventing tissue ingrowth and reduce occlusion by sludge. Their 8mm or 10mm diameter allows excellent intra-luminal flow. The specially designed proprietary end elements minimize reactive tissue proliferation. The anchored model has a low radial force sphincteric segment to prevent or minimize the reflux which is the main cause of cholangitis seen with conventional stents. The anchored model can be inserted without papillotomy. The deployment procedure can be performed using the standard ERCP procedure or percutaneously (depending on the deployment system used). The Allium Biliary Stents are designed to be removed easily and safely. ?Indicated for all strictures in the Common Bile Duct ?Large caliber for intra-lumenal flow ?Long dwelling time ?Endoscopic or Trans-Hepatic insertion ?Easy insertion and stent positioning ?Available with or without an anchor ?No tissue in-growth ?Anti-reflux design ?Easy removal of the device
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