Upper limb exerciser / lower limb / computer-based System 4 Pro BIODEX

Upper limb exerciser / lower limb / computer-based System 4 Pro BIODEX
System 4 Pro

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4 the only choice for those who know the difference More than twenty five years have passed since Biodex introduced the world's first multi-mode computerized robotic dynamometer. That event and subsequent "firsts" have made the Biodex dynamometer the choice in the most distinguished clinics and research facilities around the world. Sports and orthopedic medicine, pediatric medicine, neurorehabilitation, older adult medicine, industrial medicine, and researchers depend on Biodex to provide consistent, accurate, objective data. Objective data that provides the best outcome for their patients... objective data that supports their research... objective data that separates their facility from the rest. Biodex Objective Data Communicate need, progress and outcome Biodex Objective Data helps you communicate need, progress and outcome clearly and accurately. Easy to read and interpret color graphic reports are produced with normative data. Graphic reports and narrative letters compare patient's status to normative data for all joints. Data legends and on-screen editing helps communicate the information in simple terms for patients, doctors, third party payers and employers.
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