Undercast bandage Duroplast™ Udaipur Health Care

Undercast bandage Duroplast™ Udaipur Health Care

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RIBBED COTTON STOCKINETTE B.P. FEATURES Tubular surgical stockinette knitted from unbleached cotton yarn and is available in ribbed fabric. Special process of knitting permits high degree of lateral stretch. ADVANTAGES Excellent dermophil, comfortable to wear, smooth fit without folds, simple to use, washable and reusable. Sterilisable, absorbent and resistant to ointments. INDICATIONS Used prior to the application of plaster of paris bandage. As skin covering to protect bedding or clothing from ointment and creams. Protection of limbs in surgery – to minimize bacterial contamination from the skin of the operative site. Can be used as stump socks for amputees wearing artificial limbs.