Rigid synthetic tape / for casting Durocast™ Udaipur Health Care

Rigid synthetic tape / for casting Durocast™ Udaipur Health Care

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Material Flexible fibreglass / polyester substrate impregnated with polyurethane resin, activated by water. Properties Extremely strong. The fibreglass material provides high stability and impact resistance. Fully Weightbearing after 30 minutes. After a 4-5 minute application period the material starts to set. The bandage is completely stable after approx. 30 minutes. Comfortable. Only a few layers are sufficient for a stable synthetic support bandage. The Durocast bandage permits normal clothing to be worn. Lightweight. The Durocast bandage is very light, hinders movement minimally, thus increasing mobility at an early stage. Water-resistant. Durocast bandage is not damaged by water. Excellent mouldability. Due to its flexibility Durocast conforms well even to difficult body contours. As it is tack free it does not stick to the gloves and can be applied and moulded cleanly. Good Interlaminar bonding. Good interlaminar bonding is provided for, even when additional layers are applied on a set cast, e.g. fixation of walking aids. Permeability. The Durocast bandage is permeable to air and water vapour, thus providing for patient Comfort also at high temperatures, even during a lengthy cast period. Application Immerse Durocast in tap water (approx. 20-250C/68-770F). Immersion period : 4-6 seconds Application period :5 minutes (approx.) Setting time : 3-5 minutes (approx.) Fully weight bearing : after 30 minutes Wear gloves (latex)!
  • Type of tape:rigid
  • Application:for casting