Ultrasonic nebulizer HIKONEB Kare Medical and Analytical Devices

Ultrasonic nebulizer HIKONEB Kare Medical and Analytical Devices

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Hikoneb Home-Type ultrasonic nebulizer is designed to be used on living environment of the patient. Home-Type unit is perfect for daily usage of a single patient. Included accessories, adult mask, children mask, mouthpiece and disposable tubing is perfect for single patient use. Supplied medicine caps allow patient to take the medicine easily. 400 ml water tank makes it unrivalled. Adjustable nebulization is another positive specialty, which makes the unit last more than 2 hours with the full tank. Main Areas of Usage: - Room Humidification - Drug Nebulization - Specific and non-specific lung diseases - Bronchial Asthma - Pneumonias - Acute and non-acute brunchial Main Features: - Constant vapour output - Multifuntion On/Off/Adjust switch - Light alarm for malfunction and low water level - Oscillator heating protection - Small amount of drugs can be applied(5-7ml) - High nebulizing performance, low energy consumption.
  • Type:ultrasonic
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