Mechanical ventilator / non-invasive 0 ? 50 cmH2O | KMV5010 Kare Medical and Analytical Devices

Mechanical ventilator / non-invasive 0 ? 50 cmH2O | KMV5010 Kare Medical and Analytical Devices
0 ? 50 cmH2O | KMV5010

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KMV 5010 delivers both pressure and volume ventilation, either invasively or non-invasively, to adult and pediatric patients weighting 5 kg or more (tidal volume > 50 ml). Extreme portability and freedom of operation brought by a weight of 3.5 kg, 7-hour internal battery and 15-hour hotswap battery. Wide selection of both pressure and volume ventilation modes; including pressure modes CPAP ASB, PSV, aPCV, PCV and SIMVp, volume modes VCV and SIMVv. The KMV5010 delivers complex and versatile ventilation therapy together with a user-friendly interface. It is easy to use with simple menus, easy to enter and lock clinical menu and a secure patient menu. Patient follow-up is also so easy with essential alarms, on-screen real time graphics and patient trends data. Volume Targeting feature available in PSV, aPCV and PCV modes increases pressure automatically if the patients tidal volume cannot reach the target volume that is set. Maximum pressure increase of this function can be adjusted from 3 to 20 cmH2O. Key Features: - Both pressure and volume ventilation, including SIMVv/SIMVp modes - Modes: CPAP ASB, PSV, aPCV, PCV, VCV, SIMVv, SIMVp - Portable: only 3.5 kg - 7-hour internal battery & 15-hour external hotswap battery - Easy to enter and lock clinical menu, a secure patient menu - Volume Targeting available on PCV and PSV modes. - On-screen real time graphics of pressure, flow and volume - Up to 1 week of patient Trends could be examined from the device screen - On-screen patient trends data of pressure, frequency and volume - Alarms: High Volume, Low Volume, High Frequency, Low Frequency, High Leakage, High Ti Max, Low Ti Max, High Pressure Difference, Low Battery.
  • Ventilation mode:non-invasive
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