Ultrasonic nebulizer 0.86 - 4.2 mL/mn | Dropsonic™ Heltman Medikal AS

Ultrasonic nebulizer 0.86 - 4.2 mL/mn | Dropsonic™ Heltman Medikal AS
0.86 - 4.2 mL/mn | Dropsonic™

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Dropsonic™PLUS produces high frequency electrical signals and turns these signals into mechanical ultrasonic vibrations using a piezzo ceramic crystal. These vibrations pass through the liquid inside the ultrasonic chamber and focus on the surface of the liquid that will make the liquid aerosolized from the surface and maintain the aerosol mist. Due to continuous ultrasonic crystal activity, a fine and dense mist is formed at the chamber and this mist is given to the patient by the airflow which is generated by the device itself. Humidification of Airways, Tracheotomy Care and for Aerosol therapy Digital control system for: Air flow Therapy time Nebulisation output Heater ON/OFF Standart Oxygen adaptor for addition of Oxygen to the delivered aerosol Adjustable therapy time Long term humidification therapy with the help of 1 liter feeding bottle Transparent medication cups for aerosol therapy On/Off heater Mobile stand with lockable castors and flexiable arm Autoclavable tubing and ultrasonic chamber (except the Crystal) to minimize the contamination risks
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