Pneumatic nebulizer / with mask / with compressor 20 L/mn | Chimpe™-Plus 2 Heltman Medikal AS

Pneumatic nebulizer / with mask / with compressor 20 L/mn | Chimpe™-Plus 2 Heltman Medikal AS
20 L/mn | Chimpe™-Plus 2

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Nebulizer is a device which changes the liquid form of the medicine into the aerosol form and allows it to be inhaled through breathing. Various alternative therapies were developed during the past few years and it is the most recent way to use medicines like b rone hod ilator. corticosteroid and antibiotics together with the nebulizers. Nebulizers are used against respiratory diseases, and well recognized especially tn the therapy of the air way obstruction. Nebulizer therapy is effective in Both acute attacks and long term therapies. The nebulizer device is user-friendly The form of the medicine is changed into the aerosol form and inhaled to the patient via the mask (pediatric adult} or atomiser set which are plugged into the air output of the device. Chimpe™ series devices are the nebulizers produced for use m clinics and designed structurally compact with oil-free piston-type air compressors. The device is able to apply the nebulizer therapy simultaneously to 2 patients, whereas the pressure levels can be observed at the 2 different manometers and set up separately by the pressure buttons at the front console. It can be moved practically between the service rooms or clinics through its stand provided together with the device as the Standard equipment. Besides, the accessories and disposable parts can be preserved at the bucket of the stand. It is not necessary to use the device periodically with breaks as its compressor is very unique and specially designed for the device.
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