Ultrasonic dental scaler / complete set ELITEDENT MS-1 PLUS Rolence

Ultrasonic dental scaler / complete set ELITEDENT MS-1 PLUS Rolence

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Have you noticed that the ultrasonic scaling systems in your dental clinic may not be equipped with autoclavable handpiece sleeve? Please choose the featured ultrasonic product from ROLENCE ENTERPRISE INC. (Taiwan) with self-contained medicament feeder and detachable / autoclavable handpiece sleeve. Rolence Elitedent® MS-1 Plus The dual-frequency ultrasonic scaling system Accepts both 25Khz and 30Khz insert Quality product 100% Made in Taiwan Features: - Self-contained medicament feeder offers higher infection control. Clinicians can fill in anti-microbial solution or medicine to make treatments possible. For example, fill in Chlorhexidine (0.5%) to perform periodontal scaling, remove subgingival deposit. - In cold weather, fill in warm water to achieve patients’ most comfortable satisfaction. - Dual frequency ultrasonic system, accepts both 25Khz/30Khz inserts. The unit detects working frequency automatically, no need to adjust any button. - Advantage of 30Khz frequency application: higher frequency, softer stroke contributes more comfort to those sensitive-teethed patients. - Advantage of 30Khz frequency application (continued): enables clinicians to perform implant cleaning with special plastic-headed insert, conduct root canal cleaning irrigation with ultrasonic files, and periodontal pocket irrigation with anti-microbial delivery. - Boost function controlled by 2-position foot switch provides extra power to remove heavy calculus. - Care more about oral hygiene: the handpiece sleeve is detachable and autoclavable in 135?. No more crossing infection in your clinic. Cavitron® is a registered trademark of Dentsply® International, Inc.
  • Operation:ultrasonic
  • Configuration:complete set
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