Ultrasonic dental scaler / complete set ELITEDENT MS-1 (Magnetostrictive type) Rolence

Ultrasonic dental scaler / complete set ELITEDENT MS-1 (Magnetostrictive type) Rolence
ELITEDENT MS-1 (Magnetostrictive type)

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Rolence Elitedent® MS-1 Dual-frequency ultrasonic scaler Accepts both 25Khz and 30Khz inserts (Magnetostrictive type) 1. Dual frequency ultrasonic system, accepts both 25Khz/30Khz insert. Automatically detecting function, no need to adjust any button. 2. Advantage of 30Khz frequency application: higher frequency, softer stroke contributes more comfort to those sensitive-teethed patients. 3. Advantage of 30Khz frequency application (continued): for implant cleaning with special plastic-headed insert, conduct root canal cleaning irrigation with ultrasonic files. 4. Boost function controlled by 2-position foot switch provides extra power to remove heavy calculus. Press lightly for normal intensity, fully pressed for turbo mode. 5. Care more about oral hygiene: the handpiece sleeve is detachable and autoclavable in 135?. 6. User-friendly control panel: power switch, water adjustment knob all on the front panel. Specification: - Power input: 110VAC/230VAC (optional); 50Hz/60Hz; - Max wattage consumption: approx. 90W - Main unit dimension (vertical): 23 cm (H) x 21 cm (D) x 6.5 cm (W); Weight: 2.2 KG - Recommended water pressure: 25~40 psi (A regulator should be added if public water pressure is over 40 psi). - Four colors optional: Black / Violet / Blue / Pink
  • Configuration:complete set
  • Operation:ultrasonic
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