Trocar / Hasson laparoscopic / non-rounded tip Evomed Group

Trocar / Hasson laparoscopic / non-rounded tip Evomed Group
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The Evomed Hasson trocar with 5 mm-12 mm radiolucent sleeve and blunt tip is available with the threaded anchoring device. It consists of a blunt-tipped obturator and an oval fixation device in order to ensure that the trocar is into place. The blunt tip helps in minimizing the potential for injury to internal structures. A range of 5mm to 12mm surgical instruments can be accommodated in the Evomed Hasson self-adjusting seal. It is designed to successfully reduce the size of the seal's diameter to allow insertion of smaller sized instruments without causing any loss of pneumoperitoneum. There is a 3-way stopcock for gas insufflation and quick desufflation. The Evomed Hasson’s oval fixation device aims to secure that the trocar is firmly into place. A spring mechanism allows the anchoring device to be placed up and down the shaft of the trocar sleeve for precise depth insertion. Evomed Hasson threaded anchoring device includes a tie-down bar.. There are two (2) notches on the tie down bar, on which sutures can be wrapped around, to make sure that any instrument will be in place during manipulation and to reduce gas leakage.
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