Laparoscopic trocar / with insufflation tap / with obturator / bladeless Evomed Group

Laparoscopic trocar / with insufflation tap / with obturator / bladeless Evomed Group
Evomed Group

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EVOMED Dilating tip trocars were designed to provide greater stability and less trauma. The surgeons can get in with confidence and operate with security. The cannula's integrated thread design provides greater abdominal wall retention and minimal trocar slip-outs This advanced trocar offers several new features for enhanced security and control from insertion to removal. EVOMED’s new Dilating Tip Trocars have secure entry technology to facilitate a smooth and more controlled entry by their sharp, flat-blade tip. The directional tip helps to navigate through tissue during insertion, and the retracting tissue dilation shield may limitate tissue trauma and ensure a small fascial defect. The bladeless tip separates, rather than cuts, along tissue fibers, pushing tissue and vessels away. Lower force is required for penetration and the separation and dilation of tissues during entry result in: - Minimization of port site injury and faster healing - Risk reduction of post-operative incisional hernia, vascular injury and trocar site bleeding. Additionally, the EvoMed dilating tip trocars: - Ensure secure abdominal anchoring by means of cannula retention ridges. - Allow visualisation of instrument introduction through the transparent cannula. - Keeps abdominal insufflation while accommodating compatibility with a range of laparoscopic surgical instruments.
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