Treadmill Run 7403 t inv Runner

Treadmill Run 7403 t inv Runner
Run 7403 t inv

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The innovate runner is EEC 93/42 certification(medical device) capable of handling 220kg user's weight. The system finds application in Cardiette, Marquette (Sensormedic), Custo Med, Stress Manager (TBR), Tecnosoluzioni, Xcribe (Mortara Rangoni), SienaMedic, Visio Training, Esaote, Cortex, Cosmed. The cardio rate machine is tested as per Delta Plus e Cube(Cardioline). The auxiliary circuit power supply for inclination with low tension 18 Vac and the auxiliary circuit power supply for console with low tension 12 V dc. Power is absorbed at max. speed of 3000 Va and nominal power is absorbed at 2500 VA with < 30 DB noise. The runner features damped board, double cardio recording, hand grip + chest belt, self-centring and oiling belt system, push button and pull rope stop for emergency, disconnettable ventilation. The trackmaster protocol enables serial interface, key press produces acoustics warning,
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41032 Cavezzo (MO)
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