Cross trainer 130 rpm, 0 - 999 W | RUN 7440 T Runner

Cross trainer 130 rpm, 0 - 999 W | RUN 7440 T Runner
130 rpm, 0 - 999 W | RUN 7440 T

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This runner comes with standard accessories such as service equipment, a chest belt for cardio rate testing, and wheels for mobility. It can also be customized thanks to optional accessories. On the Dot Matrix LCD display, graphs appear for calories, heart rate, watt, and so forth. The console functions make the runner user-friendly. There are 6 pre-set profiles that can be modified, and 20 free profiles that display the time and watt set up for every single step. The fat burning training and cardio training at constant pulsations are 65% and 80% of maximum theoretical heart rate respectively. Machine self-adjustment technology enables effort to keep heart rate within the maximum set value. There are three tests, which include two auto tests (Constant Work Level and V02Max) as well as a runner test.
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