Transanal clip applier OTSC® PROCTOLOGY Ovesco Endoscopy AG

Transanal clip applier OTSC® PROCTOLOGY Ovesco Endoscopy AG

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OTSC Proctology is provided with applicator including a clip that is pre-mounted and inside the working channel thread retriever is inserted. Under direct vision the applicator is transanally inserted. The clip can be released by simply pulling the trigger and from the applicator cap it is pushed in the tissue. U-shaped sutures are usually placed at the site of target so that the application is facilitated. Through the channel of working they are pulled by means of thread retriever that is pre-set. The usage of OTSC Proctology Anchor can be done alternatively. The OTSC Proctology Clip is designed atraumatic and rounded which enable placement in anal canal tightly without opposite and adjacent tissue irritation. OTSC Proctology Clip having teeth that is corresponded to type of endoscopic OTSC t clip. In fibrotic tissue the preffered hold is provided by the OTSC Proctology Clip.
  • Application domain:transanal