Training iOS application / dental iEduco Elite Computer Italia

Training iOS application / dental iEduco Elite Computer Italia

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iEduco is born from the experience of OrisEDUCO2 . It is the new revolutionary system for an iPad or an iPhone. iEduco is developed for the visual communication and for patient education on PC. This product that shows the patient’s various types of treatment available through 3D animations, illustrations and clinical cases. iEduco categories of videos and 3D animations: -Implantology -Surgery. -Hygiene. -Orthodontics and many more. These categories of videos and 3D animations can be showed anytime to the patient or to the professionals through iPad and iPhone for an effective and direct communication. iEduco gives high-tech and prestigious image to dental clinics and the most innovative part of this iEduco product is that it allows to fill the anamnesis of the patients directly on iPad in an easy, interactive and quick way and there by allows the patients to see the questions of the anamnesis chart one by one and with touch to the iPad screen they can answer all the questions that are required.
  • Medical establishment:dental
  • Function:training
via Achille Grandi, 21,
Vimodrone (MI)
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