Traditional stepper Glider™ Altimate Medical

Traditional stepper Glider™ Altimate Medical

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The EasyStand has come up with the Glider™ to offer an innovative standing technology for its users which is missing in other contemporary standing devices. Glider™ has a range of two sizes, namely, the medium and large size. This active standing frame, exclusive to the altimate medical, offers a vast range of motion for the lower body and strengthening of upper body. This is different from passive standers as with the active Glider the patient can move handles with help of their hands or caregivers can help in moving the handle enabling it to create reciprocal movement in the legs. The seat with full range is hinged and has break-away segments for each leg allowing full leg stretch ability when standing. This state-of-the-art device increases the medical benefits of standing while keeping the body in perfect shape for medical success. Multiple research studies give the impression that use of active standers can enhance the health of a patient positively.
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