Mechanical stander / with harness / walking StrapStand™ Altimate Medical

Mechanical stander / with harness / walking StrapStand™ Altimate Medical

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The Strap Stand is a strap style particularly standardized for the adults ranging from 5? to 6’5” (152-196 cm) and maximum of 350 lbs (159 kg). The Strap Stand can put up many exclusive requirements of the wheelchair users, from those with the low level spinal cord injuries to the multi-user settings. The StrapStand lifts the users unswervingly from wheelchair, bed, or further seated surface into the standing position. The advantage of the Easy Stand Strap Stand incorporates no transfer requirement. This has been developed in such a way that if users are not capable of, or might not feel relaxed with the positioning, there is no need to do such things because no transfer is needed. Over-middle stretch is intended for precise body types, the StrapStand endow with the maximal over center stretch desirable for the most favorable standing bearing. It has become a well known device in the clinic centers as it has many characteristics which is comparable to patient lift, both the clinical staff and patients experience additional familiarity to it in an aided living setting.
  • Operation:mechanical
  • Features:with harness, walking
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