Traditional humeral head prosthesis HEMICAP® Arthro Surface

Traditional humeral head prosthesis HEMICAP® Arthro Surface

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The Arthrosurface HemiCAP® shoulder resurfacing system is a surgical method for the treatment of localized cartilage lesions and defects in the major joints. This system is comprised of three elements; a three-dimensional mapping technology, a set of instruments to map and prepare the damaged area and a cobalt-chrome and titanium implant. The system precisely aligns the surface of the implant to the contours of the patient's articular cartilage surface, thus filling the defect and restoring a smooth and continuous articular surface. The HemiCAP® system has been developed so that it can be utilized via minimally disruptive surgical techniques. There are two high prevalence shoulder injuries that can be correlated to a significant number of cartilage pathologies: dislocations and rotator cuff injuries. There are estimates that rotator cuff injuries occur in approximately 400,000 cases worldwide each year. It is estimated that in at least 10% of these cases, there is also a large humeral head injury with fully exposed bone. Therefore, Arthrosurface® estimates that there are approximately 40,000 cases per year where the HemiCAP® implant could be used to address a full-cartilage defect in the shoulder associated with a rotator cuff injury.
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