Metatarsophalangeal joint digit joint implant HEMICAP® Arthro Surface

Metatarsophalangeal joint digit joint implant HEMICAP® Arthro Surface

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The Arthrosurface® HemiCAP® system is a surgical method for the treatment of localized cartilage lesions and defects in the major joints. This system is comprised of three elements; a three-dimensional mapping technology, a set of instruments to map and prepare the damaged area and a cobalt-chrome and titanium implant. The system precisely aligns the surface of the implant to the contours of the patient's articular cartilage surface, thus filling the defect and restoring a smooth and continuous articular surface. The HemiCAP® system has been developed so that it can be utilized without "burning a bridge" should future surgery be required. The HemiCAP® Instrument Set enables the surgeon to accurately place the implant and precisely map the curves of the articular surface, in real-time, under direct or arthroscopic visualization, with no angle-induced errors or magnification errors that might exist with MRI, or X-ray imaging techniques. The HemiCAP® system is intended to provide an effective interim means for managing pain and disability in the middle-aged patient until a total joint replacement treatment option becomes more necessary, and is part of a clinical treatment strategy to help avoid early-age-revision scenarios. The prosthetic may also provide a treatment option for the older patient who may not tolerate the morbidity of a total joint replacement procedure. The HemiCAP® implants and instruments are designed to remove a minimal amount of bone stock, preserve functional structures and tissues, and allow for an uncomplicated removal in the event of revision.
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