Tracheobronchial prosthesis NOVATECH® GSS™ Novatech

Tracheobronchial prosthesis NOVATECH® GSS™ Novatech

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NOVATECH® GSS™ Gold Studded Stents - a decisive innovation related to the famous DUMON® stents - is made of transparent implant grade silicone with studs filled with gold and barium sulfate, combining good x-ray visibility with optimized endoscopic tissue monitoring, i.e. X-ray visibility plus tissue monitoring. NOVATECH and the LOT number are imprinted on each GSS™. This way, the stent can easily be traced back to its origin if necessary. The GSS™ comes sterile in blister packaging with Instructions for Use, patient card, adhesive stickers for documentation, and a single dose of SILIKON™ SD, a sterile silicone oil, implantable for more than 29 days and perfectly suited for stent placement.
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