Thoracic stent graft SILMET® Novatech

Thoracic stent graft SILMET® Novatech

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SILMET® is a self-expanding stent made of nitinol, an alloy of nickel and titanium. With nitinol, NOVATECH makes use of the shape-memory-effect which refers to the ability of nitinol to undergo shape deformation at one temperature, then recover its original undeformed shape at another temperature (here: body temperature). Nitinol is excellently biocompatible while highly resistant to corrosion thus minimizes the risk of trauma. The special mesh structure of the nitinol wire (standard mesh length is 5 mm*) gives SILMET® a high resistance against compression and ensures that the stent maintains its structure and function even in the unlikely event of a broken wire. For easier localization by X-ray, Silmet® stents have radio-opaque gold markers. Due to the fact that the stent is fully covered, it can even be removed, because the polyester cover minimizes the risk of tissue ingrowth, which may happen if a non-covered or partially covered stent is used. Compared to silicone stents, Silmet® stents have thinner walls allowing a larger airflow. SILMET® is entirely handcrafted and comes sterile inside its placement system. SILMET® complements the line of GSS™ and DUMON® silicone stents (both considered as basic references) for such indications which do not allow silicone stent placement.
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