Tonometer (ophthalmic examination) / dynamic contour tonometry PASCAL Ziemer Group

Tonometer (ophthalmic examination) / dynamic contour tonometry PASCAL Ziemer Group

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PASCAL is a slitlamp mounted tonometer for measuring intraocular pressure according to the principle of Dynamic Contour Tonometry. Every millimeter of IOP reduction lowers the risk of glaucoma progression by 10%. But current applanation tonometers are not precise enough to measure with such accuracy. Cannulated in-vivo studies have repeatedly shown that PASCAL measures closest to true pressure in the anterior chamber. This proves that PASCAL measures IOP almost totally independently of any corneal properties - such as but not only central corneal thickness (CCT). It has been repeatedly proven that CCT correction nomograms are based on a faulty premise and should not be used. Proven to be the most accurate and reproducible tonometer today, PASCAL helps you to detect more true glaucoma suspects and manage IOP more precisely. Closest to TRUE-IOP The most accurate, repeatable and reproducable tonometer today Independent of any corneal properties – not only CCT Hardly affected by any kind of surgery or therapy Helps to identify more persons at risk of glaucoma
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