Ophthalmic knife (ophthalmic surgery) SWISSBLADE Ziemer Group

Ophthalmic knife (ophthalmic surgery) SWISSBLADE Ziemer Group

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Blades made from diamond and from steel Single-use (steel) and long-life (diamond) blades in a wide choice of shapes and sizes: SWISSBLADE disposable surgical knives featuring single-use blades deliver a consistent, sharp and clean cut due to the low friction coefficient achieved with Ziemer’s proprietary coating technology. SWISSBLADE diamond surgical knives feature top-of-the-line, reusable blades with proven superior cutting capabilities based on the diamond expertise of Ziemer Group partner Meyco (Biel, Switzerland) and enhanced handling from a unique and ergonomic shaft crafted from titanium. Diamond: Lasting sharpness Diamonds for Ziemer SWISSBLADE knives are ground to unsurpassed sharpness that never becomes dull from cutting corneal tissue. Diamond blades can be used repeatedly to create precise and distortion-free incisions. Diamond blades dissect tissue without any pressure and tearing, thereby reducing the risk of inducing astigmatism. Steel: Economical top quality SWISSBLADE Disposable Surgical Blades are formed from stainless steel under carefully controlled conditions: Blade hardness and elasticity is enhanced by a proprietary thermal vacuum treatment and the cutting edges are sharpened by a special chemical etching process. A unique coating gives the blade its superior penetrating and sliding characteristics.
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