Titrator volumetric / Karl Fischer 890 Titrando Metrohm

Titrator volumetric / Karl Fischer 890 Titrando Metrohm
890 Titrando

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High-end titrator with built-in buret drive for volumetric Karl Fischer titrations. With four MSB connections, one galvanically isolated measuring interface and USB connector. Including Touch Control, 803 Titration Stand and 10 mL exchange unit. The sophisticated control algorithm of the Titrando has been adapted to the characteristics of the Karl Fischer reaction and guarantees highly precise results. In addition, you can select a polarized alternating current (I pol) or a defined voltage (U pol) to be applied to the electrode. Both working modes ensure fast, accurate results. Different reagents require different parameters. The 890 Titrando allows you to select the appropriate method for each type of reagent. With the 890 Titrando, Touch Control and 803 Ti Stand, you have a titration system that can adapt to all imaginable requirements and demands no compromises. For example, the KF icons show you at a glance whether the instrument is still busy conditioning or whether you can start the water determination. The electrode test and the newly created "safety stop" parameter prevent cell run-over during conditioning. If, for example, the electrode is not connected correctly or the titration cell is very humid, conditioning is stopped after a given time or after a given volume of KF reagent has been added. This new feature increases work safety in your laboratory. Use the 803 Ti Stand not only for stirring, but also for manually replacing the spent working medium. With the integrated membrane pump, solvent can be aspirated or added without the cell having to be opened. This means vastly reduced conditioning times.
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