Titrator volumetric / Karl Fischer 870 KF Titrino Metrohm

Titrator volumetric / Karl Fischer 870 KF Titrino Metrohm
870 KF Titrino

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The inexpensive 870 Titrino plus is a KF titrator for volumetric water content determination. With it, water contents from a few ppm to 100% can be determined reliably and precisely in solid, liquid and gaseous samples. With its new user interface, which is tailored to routine users, the 870 Titrino plus is so simple to operate that only brief orientation periods are required. It is the ideal titrator for routine determinations, also because of its robustness. Titration vessel, USB thermal printer Neo's and electrode are included in the scope of delivery. Comprised of: 1 x 870 KF Titrino plus 1 x 803 Ti Stand 1 x USB Thermoprinter NEOS
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