Tissue automatic sample processor / for histology / vacuum AVTP 2500 Amos scientific

Tissue automatic sample processor / for histology / vacuum AVTP 2500 Amos scientific
AVTP 2500

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AVTP 2500 Vacuum Tissue Processor is a advanced equipment for paraffin infiltration of tissue specimens in histopathology applications . This enhanced PLC technology with user-friendly touch screen system is the hallmark of the AVTP 2500 can improve specimen quality and laboratory economy . Wax bath and retort both made by high quality stainless steel Safe and Reliable seal effectively prevents reagent vapor overflowing during processing Independent heating chang-over valve avoids to block the reagent tube by paraffin . Pluggable reagent bottle , automatic reagent filling and draining programme make it easier to drain and fill reagent Independent heating waste box effectively drains waste paraffin waste . The two kinds of distributing valve ( reagent valve and paraffin valve ) separately deal reagent and paraffin effectively that utmost prevent tube blocking in ambient temperature . Automatically seal checking programme with alarm function . Automatic reagent replacing function helps user to save reagents . Automatic paraffin replacing function helps user to save paraffin . Paraffin replacement function . After pulling paraffin out from paraffin bath 1 , it can be filled with the paraffin in bath 2 on the purpose of saving paraffin . The max delay time is 7 days Full programme list can meet user?s different processing requirements . Smart power failure protection function . The standard UPS deliver power for 30 minutes . Temperature can be configured during processing . The heating and cleaning function can be activated manually.
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