Rotary microtome / semi-automatic AEM 450 Amos scientific

Rotary microtome / semi-automatic AEM 450 Amos scientific
AEM 450

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AEM 450 is a semi-automated rotary microtome, ideal for routine sectioning and research applications in histopathology and laboratories . Easily operation , Safety and high-precision specimen feed, Stability performance to provide high quality sectioning results. ·Display monitors a range of functions including section thickness, trimming, section counter. Separated control panel is easy to operate. ·Spacious magnetized waste tray. ·Light Balance handwheel with ergonomic concept design. ·Specimen Clamp with adjustable function could easily parallel the block and knife on X-Y orientation. ·Retraction function effectively avoid the specimen against the blade when it?s turning around. ·Universal specimen holder fits international standard cassette. ·Handwheel locking may be activated at any position to protect specimen and improve operation safety standard .