Thumb sleeve (orthopedic immobilization) 3pp® ThumSock™ 3-Point Products

Thumb sleeve (orthopedic immobilization) 3pp® ThumSock™ 3-Point Products
3pp® ThumSock™

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Features Thin and lightweight, the 3pp ThumSock provides padding without wrinkling. 3pp ThumSock retain their shape, size and cushioning wash after wash. No more stretched-out liners. The fold-over thumb channel provides a cushioned edge to any splint. Breathable neoprene can be trimmed with standard scissors. Use long style for forearm based splints and short 3pp ThumSock for hand based thumb splints. Washable. Latex free. Light Control. Sizing and Order Information Instructions: Two lengths each available in two sizes. Fits right or left hand. Circumference of thumb is 3” on small/medium and 3 1/2”on medium/large. 3-Point Products is not responsible for incorrect or improper sizing or fit of splints.
  • Type:thumb sleeve
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