Epicondylitis strap (orthopedic immobilization) 3-Point Products

Epicondylitis strap (orthopedic immobilization) 3-Point Products
3-Point Products

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The 3pp Elbow Wrap works by compressing the muscles and tendons to help relieve pain in your elbow from twisting or lifting motions. Features The unique three part design allows the user to apply pressure specifically over inflamed tendons to relieve the pain of Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow without causing nerve or circulatory problems. Lined in non-slip foam, this splint will not slip or roll, thereby eliminating any need to over-tighten. The wrap stays in place better. The low profile material and design make the 3pp Elbow Wrap easy to wear and practically invisible under clothes. Made of material that is breathable and machine washable. Latex free. Light Control
  • Type:epicondylitis strap
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